Focused Attention

March 20, 2012

What you focus your attention on, you probably will create.

The operative words there are focus & probably. There are those that go over-board in my estimation and think that they can create ANYTHING that they focus their attention on. It’s such an easy thing to dismiss or disprove. Why do we think such things? Well, the answer for some is that think they are god.


Did I mention the swamp land in Florida that I have for sale?

But, there is no doubt that the universe MIRRORS our INTENTION and our ATTENTION. In other words we have a high probability of success by what we FOCUS on, but it’s not a sure thing by any stretch of the imagination. Stuff happens: gets in the way. And in the same manner those who deny reality or refuse to listen to any BAD NEWS generally are brothers to those believing that they can create anything.

Note the distinction between AWARENESS and FOCUS!

We all need to be AWARE of not so good things; however, we don’t FOCUS on such. We don’t stick our head in the ground nor put our hands over our ears so we can’t see not hear anything that we don’t like. Everything works together: it’s all God! The universe mirrors our dominate thoughts, but not ALL of them. We need to be AWARE of our weaknesses (we all have them) but to FOCUS on our strengths (we all have those as well).

But above all, make sure you’re FOCUSING on the right things!

And those would be what?

We should spend the majority of our time “subjectively manifesting”, rather than OBJECTIVELY focusing on the material things we want. Luke 17:21 is the key here. Seek FIRST (the subjective) the Kingdom of God. Or maybe Matthew 6:33 wherein it reveals how we get what we ask for in Matthew 6:31 (the material desires).

It might even be good to go back and FOCUS a little on the “energy truths” of the Bible, and not all the religious crap that we’ve been told. As I’ve said many times, there’s nothing wrong with any of the major sacred (Bible) truths: it’s the people who interpret such works so wrongly.


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