Four Toltec Principles

August 2, 2008

The Toltec culture and people were known throughout Southern Mexico as “men and women of knowledge“. These master naguals gathered around the ancient city of pyramids known as Teotihuacan. Most often this city was known as the place where “Man becomes God“. One of their descendants has brought the ancient culture forward.

Don Miguel Ruiz was raised by a Toltec family wherein the mother was a curandera (healer) and the grandfather was a nagual (shaman). Ruiz has written several books of which his book, The Voice Of Knowledge, contained four principles worth applying to our lives.

1-Be Impeccable In Your Word
We are our word and it’s critical that we measure what we say and are cautious to be able to perform it. Once people know that what we say can be counted on, our words will have great force.

2-Don’t Take Anything Personally
This has to be one of the most difficult principles to follow. Each person has their own story, wear different glasses, and see from an entirely different viewpoint than we do, so why do we get upset when they see things differently than we do?

3-Don’t Make Assumptions
We worry about so many things that we know will come to pass- that don’t! The addage is that when you liveyour life based on assumptions, you wind up making an ASS- out of U- and ME. The goal is to KNOW and not ASS-U-ME!

4-Always Do Your Best
When you ive life your best there’s nothing to regret. If we fall short but we did all we knew to do and were capable of doing, there’s no lingering guilt or “what if” mind games to contend.

We humans are too often victimized by what we know- that’s not true: it’s just what we think we know. Unless we are prepared to “let go” of our sacred cows and truly examine our lives, we can’t profrees. We can’t be transformed. Plato had it right- “Know thyself” and then you can begin to understand others.


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